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About Us

Robert L. Curtis Photography is Robert and Vicky Curtis, assisted by their son Carter.

We began this because we are passionate about the art of capturing great images. There is much to consider when setting out to bring home the great shot.

The back story is the most important factor. Why is the picture being taken? Who is it important to? What is the story behind the image? How would our lives be diminished if that story were not told?

Then, as in all art, there are a myriad of details involved to create in this medium. Film or Digital; Black & White or Color; What lens; How to compose; How do we light; Lots of post processing or should there be less? Questions upon questions all effecting the outcome. How do we make this a great image?

This is our quest. We are just getting started, learning every day. We diligently study technique. We are constantly investing in equipment that extends our capabilities. And practice is our office!

If your pictures are important to you we ask that you join us on the quest. Let us work with you to craft your next portraits, fashion, commercial or fine art images. We will give you all we have to make sure your photographs tell your story! We want you to be captured by what you see.

Around The Clock, Around The World, We Will Give Our All To Make Images That Thrill You